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Scent Workshop January 26th 2019 Put the Nose to Work

Come and have fun at our Scent workshop which is suitable for all dogs. All dogs love to sniff - 41% of your dog's brain is given to scent detection. Learning to do scent work can teach your dog an appropriate way to use his/her nose. Scenting is a thoughtful process that will engage your dog's brain and help reduce anxiety, is challenging for the dog and will and help tire your dog out.

This workshop will show you how to utilise this natural behaviour. Your dog will learn how to detect a unique scent, how to find the hidden scent and how to tell you where it is.

Will this make my sniffy dog worse? No, as scent work will help you put this natural behaviour on cue. I have a sight hound. will they look for scent? Yes, sight hounds do use their eyes more but they will initially pick up a scent before using their sight. Is this class suitable for non-hunting breeds, for example a border collie? Yes, all dogs love to use their noses.

The workshop will run on January 26th 2019 at St Andrews Church Hall in Carluke. The workshop will last 2 hours from 11am to 1pm at a cost of 35.00 per dog and will include your own personal scent kit to take away. The workshop will take place indoors and depending on the weather there will be an opportunity to hide and find the scent outdoors. A deposit will be required to secure your place. Please use the contacts page to get details.