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About Keva Dog Training

I set up Keva Dog Training after I got my Border Collie puppy, Tiree. I went to a trainer who used force free positive training techniques. Tiree and I had fun and soon grew a strong bond. Conversations with other people taught me that many dogs were still being trained with fear and punishment. I am appalled at how many people still think that yanking the leash, hitting, shouting, using noise or spraying water is the best way to train a dog These methods can have instant results but this is due to the dog shutting down in fear. The dog will most often go on to repeat the behavior or worse. Positive force free training is based on science and is proven to work. I decided that I wanted to be one of the trainers who was prepared to show owners a new kind way of training. Keva dog training was born. We also use games and concepts in our training to develop a confident optimistic dog.

Keva Dog Training

Keva Dog Training uses Kindness and Encouragement and a Variety of methods to Achieve success in training your dog. You and your dog will learn skills that you will use in the house, on walks and in everyday situations. All training is conducted using scientifically proven methods.

I am a certified Pro Dog Trainer with Absolute dogs, an Accredited Canine Hoopers UK instructor and hold a diploma in Canine Behavior Training and have a Rhodes 2 Safety Emergency Canine First Aid Certificate. I study and read as much as I can so that I can learn more and help more dogs and their owners.

Every dog and owner is important to us. If you have a particular problem we will endeavor to solve it.

Modern training methods mean that choke chains, half check collars or other correction devices are no longer necessary to achieve the desired behaviour in your dog. No extending leads please as these teach your dog to pull on the lead rather than giving into lead pressure.

My Canine Hoopers UK qualification means I can now offer you and your dog the opportunity to advance your training and gain a Foundation award. You will receive a certificate and rosette when you pass the assessment. My clients who go on to train in Hoopers which is great fun can also gain Bronze and Silver awards. Gold is on the way.

Please ensure you bring plenty of treats to class. If your dog prefers toys to food you are welcome to train with toys but not squeaky toys as this will distract the other dogs.

Classes are currenty all held in a large covered riding arena near Forth where we are abe to mainitain social distancing. Once the restrictions applied during the pandemic are lifted classes will be held as below:
1. St Paul's Church Hall, High Street, Forth on Wednesday nights.
2.  Carluke  United Reformed Church Hall Carnwath Road on Monday  nights
3. Christ Church Hall, Cleghorn Road, Lanark on Thursday nights.