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Hoopers, agility without the jumps and weaves

New beginners class starting Tuesday March 8th at 7pm, just £65.00 for six weeks. Hoopers is a great new sport for dogs and handlers of all abilities. Agility is a great sport but can be too difficult for dogs with joint and mobility issues. Older dogs that are no longer able to run an agility class take readily to Hoopers giving them a job to do after their retirement from agility. Hoopers is great fun for pet dogs, giving them an outlet for excess energy, allows them to use their minds and builds a great relationship between owner and dog. It is also great fun for dog and owner. Hoopers is played through hoops, round barrels and across target mats, all of which are placed in a free flowing course without tight bends and turns. Hoopers is also great for owners who have mobility issues or who are perhaps not as fast and agile as they once were. It is much easier to handle your dog at a distance and is in fact encouraged as you get extra points for handling your dog at a distance. Hoopers is also great for children as it is easier to learn than agility.

Hoopers Classes

Keva Dog Training is offering classes so people can learn Hoopers and have fun with their dog no matter how fit they are. As the courses are free flowing dogs which have joint problems or are older can also take part. The sport is designed to be inclusive to dogs and owners of all abilities. We do of course welcome fit young and fast dogs to class too. Canine Hoopers UK the association for Hoppers in the UK also promotes positive force free training using modern training techniques which means it fits well with the ethos of Keva Dog Training. Our trainer Valerie is an accredited trainer with Canine Hoopers UK. This qualification means she can now offer you and your dog the opportunity to advance your training and gain a Foundation award, a Bronze award and Silver award. You will receive a certificate and rosette when you pass the assessment.