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Fun Agility

New Classes will start again soon

Our fun agility classes are held in our agility field. This course is aimed at improving your communication with your dog and adding in an element of fun with agility. Agility is a fun sport to do with any well socialised dog. It is great for dogs which need a job of work to help focus them and to run off some excess energy. Agility helps with the dog owner bond. It is for these reasons we have decided to add this "sport" to our courses.

Dogs will be trained to go over jumps, through tunnels, weave poles and use the see saw. the dog walk and A frame. Safety is paramount so we will take you through all the basics first. The agility course is open to everyone from children to adults, beginners and anyone trying to improve their agility skills.

Because the class will be off lead it is essential dogs have good recall and are safe around other dogs. The class will be held in a well fenced area outdoors in Yieldshields close to Carluke. New class starts at 7.00 pmJuly 24th at 6pm

Feel free to contact us and discuss if you are not sure.