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Training Courses

Beginners Life Skills Class

Beginners Life Skills classes for November are now full. The next intake will be January 2022 This venue is large making social distancing very easy. Please see the home page for all the additional bonuses we offer on our courses. The course lasts six weeks and costs just 60.00. A deposit is required. Please see below for availability. Please use the contact page to book or to ask any questions.

This course is for dogs over the age of 14 weeks or when they have had all vaccinations. The Beginners Life skills in not limited to puppies and is suitable for dogs of all ages. These are some examples of what you and your dog will learn in our classes. How to get your dog to focus on you in different situations and environments. You will be shown how to achieve a loose lead on walks, how to get your dog to remain in a sit and down until you tell your dog it can move. We will show you how to get a good recall. We teach a leave command so that your belongings and food are safe from your dog and so that your dog will not pick up or eat unwanted objects on a walk. You will be shown how to keep your dog safe at open doorways and when exiting the car and much more. To get the most out of the classes you will need to train your dog at home, in the garden and on walks. Dogs learn by repetition.

Intermediate Course

The next Intermediate class will be in 2022. This class is open to anyone who has attended the Beginners Life Skills Class. If you have not attended the Life Skills class please get in touch to see if your dog is ready to do the Intermediate, Cost is just 60.00 for six weeks, one hour each lesson with only six dogs to a class.

My Canine Hoopers UK qualification means I can now offer you and your dog the opportunity to advance your training and gain a Foundation award. You will receive a certificate and rosette when you pass the assessment. My clients who go on to train in Hoopers which is great fun can also gain Bronze and Silver awards. Gold is on the way.

A variety of methods are used to show you how to train your dog, luring, shaping and games. The games teach the dogs concepts and helps the dogs to learn to make correct choices, the ones we want. Please use the contacts page for more information and to book. 

  Course   Date   Places left
Life Skills Forth Monday November 22nd 7pm FULL
Life Skills Forth Wednesday November 24th 7pm FULL
Life Skills Forth Thursday November 25th 7pm FULL