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Now offering Online Training

Due to the outbreak and spread of Covid 19 and the subsequent lockdown I am now offering my Beginners Life Skills class online. I am keen that young puppies get started on training as soon as possible and realise that the lockdown will give many people the time to finally train their dog. I also understand that with the lockdown comes the fact that many people will have had their income drastically reduced, so for this reason I am offering the classes at just 25.00. This special offer will only be available from April 13th until the end of lockdown.

This will be the same material I deliver to my six week in person training. Each week I will deliver each lesson in a few videos. I will also be going live online once a week to answer any questions you might have regarding the training. You are also welcome to post videos of yourself training your dog at home. To book your place please use the contact page.

This course is for dogs over the age of 14 weeks, and not limited to puppies. These are some examples of what you and your dog will learn in our classes. How to get your dog to focus on you in different situations and environments. You will be shown how to achieve a loose lead on walks, how to get your dog to remain in a sit and down until you tell your dog it can move. We will show you how to get a good recall. We teach a leave command so that your belongings and food are safe from your dog and so that your dog will not pick up or eat unwanted objects on a walk. You will be shown how to keep your dog safe at open doorways and when exiting the car and much more. To get the most out of the classes you will need to train your dog at home, in the garden and on walks. Dogs learn by repetition.

My Canine Hoopers UK qualification means I can now offer you and your dog the opportunity to advance your training and gain a Foundation award. You will receive a certificate and rosette when you pass the assessment. My clients who go on to train in Hoopers which is great fun can also gain Bronze and Silver awards. Gold is on the way.

A variety of methods are used to show you how to train your dog, luring, shaping and games. The games teach the dogs concepts and helps the dogs to learn to make correct choices, the ones we want. Please use the contacts page for more information and to book.