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New Pre Beginners Puppy Classes

I am delighted to announce Keva Dog Training is now going to hold classes for puppies of 8 weeks old. This class will be aimed at socialising puppies helping them to gain confidence by introducing them to new things and starting to build a strong relationship between owner and puppy. We will play some fun games to help teach you and your puppy some basics to help you move forward to the Beginner Life Skills Class. Please see the training page for more details training page.

Agility Classes starting and a new Trainer. Recall Workshop August 3rd

There is so much happening with Keva Dog Training at the moment, we are entering an exciting time. After a long wait our agility and training field is finally ready for use. In addition we have a great new trainer on board Angela who will be holding agility training in Biggar. Full details can be found on our agility page. We are holding a Recall workshop on August 3rd in our well fenced training field near Carluke. Please see our Workshop page for details, workshop page.

I am really excited to have Angela on board. She shares the same passion for dogs and training in a positive way as Keva Dog Training and is also excited about using games. Angela is an experienced agility competitor. In Angela's words "I believe agility should be fun and it's great for boosting your relationship with your dog and no matter what happens on the course, I always take the best dog home." Angela started her agility career in New Zealand in 2009 with her dog Mr Haggis whose potential had been spotted by some people from a local club. Mr Haggis' first class did not go to plan, but as Angela is a problem solver better treats worked and Mr Haggis improved. In Angela's words "At our first graduation he got most improved dog and dog most likely to succeed and he did, he was the first to compete out of his class. Then I had the bug and along came Jazz, she had just started competing when I decided to move back home to Scotland. Haggis went onto grade 6, made it to the Olympia ABC (Anything but Collie) semi final, unfortunately he retired early. Jazz is now retired and is grade 7, she still enjoys running veterans and is the proud mother of Jet and grandmother of Cap and Jingle. Jet is currently competing at grade 6, Cap is my youngster and is grade 3 and Jingle is the baby so just starting her agility journey


I am a certified Pro Dog Trainer and hold a diploma in Canine Behaviour Training.

I love my job, it is a pleasure to work with people and their dogs. Not only do I get to make a fuss of lots of puppies and dogs, I also see human dog relationships become closer as owners see an improvement in the dogs behaviour. What can be better than seeing my class leave at the end of the day with smiles and wagging tails.

Train your dog in a positive way. No force, pain or dominance is used in any class. Science has proven that force free, kind training works and is effective for life.  Force free training has the benefit of being easy to use and train. We also use concepts and games to aid in training and to develop a well rounded, calm optimistic dog. These methods makes it possible for all dog owners to get the results they want. You and your dog will learn to understand each other better. Positive training does not mean your dog is allowed to do as it pleases. Old school methods have often caused dogs to become fearful of owners and people. A dog which is hit sees a hand as something which inflicts pain. If a dog on a lead is afraid of an approaching dog and reacts, and then receives a leash jerk it now sees the approaching dog as scary and a source of pain which was caused by the jerk. A dog which becomes fearful because of punishment is potentially a dog which could feel the need to protect itself. Every dog and owner is important to us. Dogs which are trained kindly see their owner and other humans as the giver of good things. The result is a trusting dog who wants to be with it's owner and family. We train using treats, but will show you how to phase out food so that your dog will work without treats. Using treats is not bribing your dog but is giving it payment for good work, much in the same way you expect to get paid for working. If your dog is not motivated by food we will use toys or other motivation to train. Both you and your dog will be treated with respect.  Your puppy will never be hit or have something thrown at it.

For the most part everyone in class will be working at the same time. We do not ask you to sit around while someone's dog catches up with the rest of the class. Because the class is small the trainer is able to give one to one time with anyone who needs it.

There is no pass or fail in our courses. We accept the fact that all dogs learn at different rates and will take the necessary time and patience to get you and your dog to the level you want.

The commands you will be taught on our courses will give your dogs skills which can be used throughout it's life, and wherever you take your dog. We will also explain how the commands can be used and when to use them. Your dog will be taught to focus on you, so that you have control in distracting environments. You will be taught skills to give your dog good manners, walk on a loose lead, have good recall and other valuable commands. You may well be surprised at how useful some of the commands such as Leave can be. We make our classes interesting and fun for dogs and owners. All classes are kept small, usually only six dogs, this allows your dog to concentrate more and allows the trainer to give everyone individual attention. We welcome questions at any time in the class and once you have signed up for a course you are welcome to phone us if you need advice relating to your dogs behaviour.

I am delighted to announce that Keva Dog Training has partnered with Tug-e-nuf toys to bring you free delivery. I like these toys as they seem to really appeal to the dogs. To get you free delivery follow this link Tug-e-Nuf and use the code KEVA

Gift Cards are now available to purchase

Not sure what to buy your dog loving family member or friend for Christmas. Buy them a gift card so they can attend one of our training classes The Gift cards are available for sums of 5.00 to 60.00 in multiples of 5.00 The gift card is valid for six months.. If it cannot be used in this time let me know and I will do what I can to extend the period it is valid. Use the contact box to purchase the card telling us the amount you would like it for in the comments box. If you would like to include a personal message also include this in the same box.

Modern training methods mean that choke chains, half check collars or other correction devices are no longer necessary to achieve the desired behaviour in your dog. No extending leads please as these teach your dog to pull on the lead rather than giving into lead pressure. Bring plenty of treats or non-squeaky toys to use as a reward.

Classes are held at St Paul's Church Hall, High Street, Forth on Wednesday, Carluke United Reformed Church on Monday and Christ Church Hall, Church Hall Christ Church Hall, Cleghorn Road, Lanark on Thursday.

Please see our training courses for more information on the classes.

 Tel : 01555 811969

Mobile : 0742 7987556

NB All Deposits and fees are non-refundable