Other Wildlife

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At the end of December 2008 and for the New Year of 2009 we returned to the Isle of Mull. We were able to view otters in the wild again, both in the water and on land. We were lucky enough to see otters every day except once and spent several hours watching these delightful creatures. I took the first of theses two pictures on New Year's day and the other later in the week.

During very late September and early October 2007 we went on a wildlife safari in Scotland. We decided to devote the entire two weeks of our holiday to watching wildlife. Some of the animals we saw proved too difficult to photograph well but this is a list of some of the mammals and birds we saw.

Beavers, pine marten, badgers, red deer, roe deer, fallow deer, dolphin, red squirrel, otter, weasel, crested tit, white tailed sea eagle, golden eagle and many more bird species.

Photos of the mammals are below, the birds have been added to our bird pages.

What a star this otter on Mull turned out to be.
We watched the otter first in the water and then on land for more than an hour.

This has to be the biggest herd of red deer I have ever seen.
They were found in the Aviemore area.

Red Squirrel, Aviemore

Red Squirrel, Aviemore

Red Deer Stag Isle of Mull 2007

Otter Isle of Mull 2007





Stag at Woburn

Stag in the Rut at Woburn

Red Deer Herd in The Rut New Forest

Seal Pup at Donna Nook 2008

Red Deer Stag

Red Deer Stag

Red Deer Hinds

Red Deer Hinds in the Rain

Young Red Deer Stag

Young Red Deer Stags Fighting


Otter on Skye

Not strictly wild wildlife but an experience that was very worthwhile having. Walking the two wolves at the Anglian Wolf Society near Bedford.

Keith saying hello to a Wolf

Valerie being greeted Wolf Style